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Paul T. Day

Paul T. Day

Financial Advisor

My father was in the Air Force for 27 years. During my childhood, I cherished the opportunity I received to live overseas during his tour of
duty on Terceira Island in the Azores on Lajes Air Force Base. Growing up in this environment, gave me a lot of respect for our military service personnel. From personal experience, I understand what dependents go through when one member of their family commits to that type of service. While my father was serving our country, my mother taught 1st and 5th grade for 14 years. I watched my mother tirelessly grade papers and do her best every day to serve the children of tomorrow. These experiences have fostered my deep-rooted respect for teachers and those who dedicate their lives to the service others.

This past year, I asked my better half, Britt, for her hand in marriage. I have watched and supported my fiancé through her medical school
journey at EVMS and together we look forward to her landing her residency. I watch how diligently medical students work and study.
Like my mother, she will be providing a service that will truly help other people. I could not be prouder of her.

These personal experiences fuel my drive to work for those who dedicate their lives assisting others. I am in an extremely rewarding
position where I feel I can put my financial talents to use and apply my knowledge base to help those that can help so many others.

Athletics are near and dear to my heart as well. One of my dreams is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. So far, I’ve ran one marathon in the rolling hills of Charlotte, NC with a time of 3:22:03. I still have some time to knock off before I am able to qualify for that race. At the early age of 4, I fell in love with soccer. Throughout the year, I enjoy watching US Men’s and Women’s soccer and my favorite club team is
Manchester United. 

Working in partnership with Waddell & Reed as my Broker Dealer, I am able to listen to what my clients' needs are. Having the ability to build plans that suit my clients' needs given their lifestyle, without unnecessary bells and whistles, is what I value the most. Working with
Waddell & Reed has allowed me to build plans without the pressure to meet quotas of sales by pushing certain investments or insurances. I can provide advice that is based on the individual needs of each client. If you know someone who may benefit from my services, please do not hesitate to pass on my contact information.


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